Space Solutions

Dedicated in delivering high quality and state of the art Mechanical ground support equipment for space applications

Commitment towards the space industry

One corner stone for founding INS Works was the commitment of the founder towards the space industry. The space segment of INS Works is dedicated in delivering high quality products for the Mechanical Ground Support Equipment which are dedicated to assembly, integrate, test and handle the several components, subassemblies and developments.


Dexterity as a word means to skillfully perform a task, especially with the hands. We at INS Work believe that in order to provide solutions, besides having the know-how, focused mindset, dedication and innovative thinking, is to have skills in making things, which outcome is a well-designed, documented and functioning solution. Like a watchmaker, appreciation and the ability to do precise work through years of experience, when the result is a functional, accurate time-following watch, which, in addition to everything, is a masterpiece.


We at INS Works understand that all of our project deliveries are meant to be used with the least amount of downtime, which improves the return of invest. Each delivery is designed using the most stringent reliability and availability standards, manufactured using the best manufacturing practices and commissioned together with the customer, such to obtain the best possible results from the provided solution.

Know how

With decades of personal experience and know-how in several areas of expertise, we have the experience to provide project deliveries for any industry, regardless of the nature, complexity and critical requirements of the project. Our know-how is not limited to a highly technical knowledge, but also in understanding our customer’s needs, products, production methods and business ideas, to an extent that in our proposals we take into consideration not only the technology, but the background of the project, as well as we measure critically the return of investment together with our customers.


The world as we see it, there is always a solution available for each challenge. We take pride in making each of our solutions, which are based on several tools and expertise, such as reliability, technology and know-how. Our solutions are always tailor made, taking into account the needs of the customer, applying the best technological solution, and integration our internal best practices to deliver product, which is meant to be used and maintained.


INS Works create solutions, based on the latest technologies available. We as engineers, are dedicated in knowing and understanding the latest technologies and trends, with which we can invent, create and solve any challenge regardless of its nature. We aim towards Industry 4.0 and provide the means with our solutions for our customers to have the benefits of a truly online equipment and production, where it is needed. A large amount of our know-how is determining the required level of automation for each project and preparing interfaces for the next steps.


Our project deliveries vary between simple jigs, lifting devices, machining and assembly fixtures to complicated testing equipment and automation projects, being the goal always to benefit our customer by carefully designing and documenting, skillfully manufacturing and assembling, and commissioning.